FONTANA has a defined strategy for growth into the future, which is both incrementally organic, and set on creating new market space by building on the key commonalities that exist between its present customers and potential new customers.

With changes in technology and materials used in closure manufacturing, FONTANA realizes the need to keep ahead of its competitors by developing and growing its product range whilst building a reputation for quality and value, which has given its products a brand identity within the industry.

The increasing growth of FONTANA ’s market share has been combined with growth into largely uncontested niche areas. This is made possible by continuous value innovation such as the creation and introduction of new products within the beverage closure industry (AB28 closure, Flip Top, ML Technology and ML1881), and progressive methods of production, thereby reconstructing buyer value elements that reside across the industry.

Over the past five years, FONTANA has actively sought to diversify not only its products, but also the nature of its customer base. This also affects the way in which it needs to conduct business in their sector of the market, where customers view their suppliers as a contractually defined commodity. FONTANA ’s target customers that fit into this category include the Coca-Cola and Pepsi systems and a larger slice of Fruit and Milk Dairies as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

With relationships as a core value, FONTANA has developed strong customer loyalty and among its valued customers.