All FONTANA closures for the mineral water and beverage industry are produced in the company’s clean room facility, a first in South Africa. Production takes place within an enclosed hygienic environment that is supplied with filtered and treated air that is clean and free of contaminates. Constant bacterial checks are performed to check for the presence of Yeast, Mould and Coliform bacteria.

Vision equipment is used to monitor every closure from different views. Any non-conforming closure is instantly rejected.

Colour and weight is more consistent because compression moulding uses a single pre-weighted pellet for each cavity, as opposed to injection moulding usage of a full shot to fill all the cavities which relies on even distribution to achieve the same effect. Colour change overs are done faster with less scrap being accumulated.

Our laboratory ensures and maintains quality with rigorous testing. Here tests are run to check structural composition of closures as well as contamination levels.

All press components are plated in-house to ensure that only the best quality products are supplied to customers. The metal plating plant recycles 100% of effluent, a first in South Africa.

FONTANA has recognised the demand from customers for superior products, and has geared itself up to respond with high quality products and service, with the best manufacturing equipment available to the market.