FONTANA has been manufacturing plastic closures for the bottled water industry for the past 10 years and is the major producer of closures in this sector.

Within the sector, FONTANA’s ability to compete comes from;

  • a recognized experienced bank and proven superior development capability,
  • the use of the latest compression molding technology,
  • operational excellence with high production efficiency,
  • low overheads
  • a strong and highly technical committed team

FONTANA produces a wide range of plastic components and closures to suit your individual requirements. As a leading supplier to the mineral water and beverage industry, our extensive range of closures includes 28mm one-piece/two piece closures for still and carbonated drinks, 30mm one-piece closures for still drinks, 38mm one-piece closures and 45mm one piece closures suitable for 5L PET water bottles.

Our sport closure range includes 28mm, 30mm, and 38mm sizes. Our latest flip-top sports closure includes 30mm and 38mm sizes. Our comprehensive range of industrial closures suits a number of applications in the edible oil, motor oil, chemical, paint and solvent industries.

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FONTANA manufactures drum and container closure systems. These include locking rings for all types of containers.

FONTANA produces industrial plastic closures for metal, fibre and plastic containers as well as all of its own components,and is completely self sufficient in this regard from pressing to plating. Except for the metal presses, all machines used in the manufacture of locking rings are manufactured in-house. FONTANA manufactures all its own metal press tools.

Metal locking rings offer a convenient and secure way of sealing open head containers. Depending on the specification requirement, a wide range of locking rings are available, including UN certification for dangerous group chemicals. These high quality locking rings are suited to a wide variety of metal, plastic and fibre drums. They are available in a number of sizes and profiles depending on the container specific needs. They range from various sizes of lever action to side bolt and top bolt action.

FONTANA manufactures a variety of plastic and metal components that are designed for metal containers and drums. Our comprehensive range of industrial closures suit a number of these applications. Innovation solutions include child resistant caps, drip free pourers and seals for harsh chemicals.

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Tool & Machine Manufacture

FONTANA has a very well equipped tool-room where it manufactures its own press tools and 60% of its injection moulds. It also manufactures limited parts for its compression tooling.

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FONTANA's Research & Development

Approximately 4% of FONTANA’s turnover is allocated to R&D, 70% of which is conducted in-house.

FONTANA is currently establishing an innovative R&D centre with the co-operation and support of various polymer institutes and progressive European machine manufacturers in the plastic closure and beverage industry.

FONTANA has exclusive rights to very innovative I.P, as well as being able to claim its own inventions.

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